January 23, 2011

Being W.I.S.E

In the name of Allah The Most Merciful and The Most Forgiving.

being a wise person gets you closer to HIM ~ picture by Tengku Fahmi of Langit Illahi

Being wise means to talk and behave rationally, concisely and fittingly. A wise person has the insight, the ability to see the true aspects of events, and possesses profound understanding, for that reason, all his decisions and actions are to the point. His words are striking and moving. Everything he says produces a profound effect on the hearts of others.

Wisdom is a virtue given by Allah to truly sincere people who in every instant towards Allah, who live and think according to the Qur'an. Allah has stated that wisdom is a great gift in the verse :

"He gives wisdom to whoever He wills and he who has been given wisdom has been given great good" (Surah al - Baqarah : 269)

Source : Quick Grasp of Faith II by Harun Yahya


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