October 20, 2010

Love if You May

Love Him as He will love you more than you do. Picture by la rainbow in deviant art

“No matter how much you would love somebody, there would be a boundary to it, for the greatest boundless love is only for Allah. Deny this at your will, but you would never live the life you have now if it is not for His love and mercy.”
I wrote the saying above for a brother in Islam, but come to think of it, it is inevitably true. You may say that you would swim sea of fire for them, or hike the highest mountain on the earth so you may prove your love (in an odd way I reckon), but bear this fact with you, there is a boundary to it. Even when the choice is ours, the boundary is predetermined. This is something crucial needed to be understood.

The predetermined boundary to our love; be it brotherly or to our parents, maybe to the wife one has, or to the children they have brought up, is DEATH. Spend if you may, decades of your life with your loved ones, but they will leave you when the time comes as Allah has made His fate unto all of His servants. He mentioned this in the Holy Quran;

Never did We destroy an ummah that had not a term decreed and assigned beforehand. Neither can a people anticipate its term, nor delay it. [QS:15:5]

I instantly recall a moment when Archangel Gabriel (Jibreel a.s) came down to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with words from Allah (referred to as the al-hadith al-qudsi as it was not compiled in the same book of Quran) saying; ‘love anyone ye may, but forget not for they will die’. How this very much explains the argument I put above, that love for human is limited. Unless when you love Allah for He is eternity, when the sky falls, and the earth shakes and crumble, everything will die even the angel of death will have to take his very own life, but Allah will perish not.

Loving Allah has no boundaries and limitless, for when we love Him a step forward, He has come forward a thousand steps closer to us. If we come to him walking, He would run coming to us (as mentioned in hadith, to show how He would be dearly to His servants’ love). Up to the stage when He wants to give His light and assistance unto the people of faith (of whom have made efforts to follow His ruling) nobody could stop Him, and when He would turn the world upside down, nobody would dare to stop Him.

What Allah out of his Mercy doth bestow on mankind there is none can withhold: what He doth withhold, there is none can grant, apart from Him: and He is the Exalted in Power, full of Wisdom. [QS:35:2]

Loving Allah will save us from the hellfire for when we love Him, His path would be the path we choose to follow, yet, to love human being for the sake of Allah is an ibadah, doing as He says. Nevertheless, there are still boundaries, as such there is no halal relationship between the opposite sex before marriage. Thus, beware of loving our loved ones too much for Allah has forbidden us to do so up to the stage where we have come to ignore His call;

Say: If it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or your kindred; the wealth that ye have gained; the commerce in which ye fear a decline: or the dwellings in which ye delight - are dearer to you than Allah, or His Messenger, or the striving in His cause;- then wait until Allah brings about His decision: and Allah guides not the rebellious. [QS:9:24]

Source from : Emir.Abu.Khalil


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